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  • BX101SH
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1. multiple load cells are inside weigh pad, an integrated and ultra-slim structure, easy for move, with light weight less than 20kg.
2. With special protection treatment, suitable for harsh environment. 
3. patented designed slope can lower force impact from vehicle wheels. 

1. weighing and load control of loading truck in road transportation, construction, agriculture, forestry, and dustbin disposal. 
2. weighing of loading truck by executive enforcement units. 
3. test weight and center of gravity of aero-plane. 
4. weighing automobile wheel and axle load distribution in automobile production line. 
5. stability test of special automobile, such as fork-lift truck, crane. 

1. Axle weighing range: 0~40t 
2. Double LCD display: 
       Axle weight display: 0~99995kg 
       Total weight display:0~999995kg 
       Display unit height: 13mm 
3. Accuracy: 
       Static: ≤20%F.S ±0.3%F.S 
                  >20%F.S ±0.5%F.S 
       Dynamic: ≤20%F.S ±1%F.S 
                       >20%F.S ±3%F.S 
4. Vehicle velocity: 3~5km/h 
5. Use temperature: -10~60℃ 
6. Relative humidity: <90%